School Uniform

Please click HERE to order your uniform directly from Lollipops.

Please visit our Downloadable Forms page to download a uniform order form.  Payment can be made from a ParentPay account.

At Sunnyside Academy we recommend that all children wear school uniform. There are sound educational reasons for this:

  • It creates a positive attitude to work and school life
  • It gives the children a sense of belonging
  • The children are easily identified on school trips and helps ensure the safety of the children

The school uniform of Sunnyside Academy is:

  1. Lemon Polo shirt with school logo
  2. Grey, black or navy skirt, pinafore dress or trousers
  3. Navy blue sweatshirt/ jumper/ or cardigan preferably with school logo
  4. Black, brown or navy shoes/ black/ white trainers- suitable footwear for the work places NO HEELS OR VIBRANT COLOURS
  5. In summer the girls can wear a blue/ yellow gingham dress with white sandals. The boys can wear navy, black or grey trousers or shorts.

All uniform items with the school logo are available from school through the office. A list of all available items is available in school.

P.E kit: We would strongly recommend that all children wear the school P.E. kit

  • Lemon t shirt with school logo
  • Shorts with school logo

The following would also be acceptable:

  • Key Stage 1- pupils do P.E. in bare feet/ P.E. shoes, t shirt and shorts
  • Key Stage 2 – require shorts t shirt and P.E shoes-plimsolls for indoors and trainers for outdoor.
  • Football shirts/strips should not be worn for P.E.