School Uniform

Please click HERE to order your uniform directly from Lollipops.

Please visit our Downloadable Forms page to download a uniform order form.  Payment can be made from a ParentPay account.

At Sunnyside Academy we recommend that all children wear school uniform. There are sound educational reasons for this:

  • It creates a positive attitude to work and school life
  • It gives the children a sense of belonging
  • The children are easily identified on school trips and helps ensure the safety of the children

The school uniform of Sunnyside Academy is:

  1. Lemon Polo shirt with school logo
  2. Grey, black or navy skirt, pinafore dress or trousers
  3. Navy blue sweatshirt/ jumper/ or cardigan preferably with school logo
  4. Black, brown or navy shoes/ black trainers – suitable footwear for the work places NO HEELS OR VIBRANT COLOURS
  5. In summer the girls can wear a blue/ yellow gingham dress. The boys can wear navy, black or grey trousers or shorts.

All uniform items with the school logo are available from school through the office. A list of all available items is available in school.

P.E kit: We would strongly recommend that all children wear the school P.E. kit

  • Lemon t shirt with school logo
  • Shorts with school logo

The following would also be acceptable:

  • Key Stage 1- pupils do P.E. in bare feet/ P.E. shoes, t shirt and shorts
  • Key Stage 2 – require shorts t shirt and P.E shoes-plimsolls for indoors and trainers for outdoor.
  • Football shirts/strips should not be worn for P.E.